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DIY or Hire a Handyman Professional for Home Repairs & Improvements in Spring Valley Village, TX

It seems like an endless list of projects around the home that needs doing; basic repairs, extensive projects and everything in between. Sometimes, homeowners are tempted to do the work themselves in an effort to save few dollars, or to avoid the waiting period of being seen by a professional. The inexperienced might consult the…

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Tips for Painting & Decorating an Interior Wall with Black Paint in Piney Point Village, TX

Painting the interior of any home first comes with the color scheme selection. Generally, most people practice the safe and traditional colors; keeping everything light to emphasize space. But for those who crave black, they often quash the urge and follow the masses and advice of specialists. Where the lighter hues do help a room…

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Hexagon, Random & Other Floor Tile Layout Patterns for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Homes in Bellaire, TX

Tiled flooring has become extremely popular in recent years due to its beauty, versatility, longevity and easy maintenance. According to experts within the flooring industry, the tiling industry grows approximately 4% each year giving homeowners more options than ever before in terms of style and color. According to the knowledgeable experts at Araoz Painting and…

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Kitchen Cabinet, Countertop & Tile Flooring Design & Remodeling Trends that Will Last in Jersey Village, TX

For those who love to cook and gather with friends and family to enjoy wonderful food, remodeling a kitchen is a fun and exciting time. For those bursting with their own ideas on how they want to transform their kitchens, Araoz Painting & Remodeling has some kitchen remodeling suggestions that have been trending to see…

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