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Ideas for Home Remodels & Renovations on a Tight Budget in Katy, TX; Tile Flooring, Interior Painting & More

It is in human nature to have the desire to break away from the mundane. When it comes to our homes every few years many homeowners get the itch and need some kind of change in scenery, but the funding isn’t always available to do a complete remodel. Instead of dealing with the boring, you do have a few options to remodel a room or all the rooms on a limited budget. We at Araoz Painting & Remodeling would like to share some tips on getting your home some change that won’t cost you a small fortune.

How to Renovate & Remodel a House on a Budget

1) Fixtures and Hardware. Where going extreme high-end and wanting everything that has the bells and whistles can get pricey, ultimately there are many options you can select, depending on the budget you have in mind for indulging on upgrading the fixtures and hardware found around your home. Because the details truly are an important aspect to any room, consider replacing towel racks, sink/shower/tub faucets, light fixtures, lampshades, the handles on cabinets and drawers, as well as light switch plates, and outlet covers. You can easily modernize any room in the home with these simple add-ons. You can scour online resources and find upcycled that are relatively cheap but still look exciting and amazing to add flare to any of the chosen rooms or even find DYI projects to put in your own work of art into your home. Additionally, when it comes time to replacing light fixtures or plumbing fixtures, consider going green and use the more efficient selection that still look remarkable but will ultimately save you cash on your utility bills.
2) Tile Grout and Caulk Refresher. An important detail, but one that frequently gets overlooked is the caulk and grout. This little project can alter the overall look of any room and is an inexpensive alternative to replacing the tile. Because caulk and grout, grout especially, is porous in nature, they are susceptible to grit, grime, and moisture, which over a considerable short time, will make the caulk and grout look dirty, dingy, and dull even after it has been freshly clean. Not only can you revitalize the grout with a fresh new application, but grout comes in a number of colors and you can change the look of your tile simply by changing the color of grout.
3) Tile Flooring. Tile has the potential to get fairly expensive, especially with the high-end tiles derived from natural stone and even some manmade stone. If tile replacing is a must, consider only tiling the high-impact areas such as the floors or the shower area. There are many beautiful options that still offer durability and longevity among the less-expensive tile.
4) Interior Painting. One of the most effective and inexpensive option to alter the look of any room is by painting the interior. Typically the walls and trim are painted, but break out of the traditional mind set and consider painting the ceiling a different color. Start small and chose a pale yellow or something along those lines that is more subtle. Keep in mind that lighter colors will help small areas look more spacious and if dark colors are more appealing, consider them for accents or use contrasting colors to go bold. When it comes to painting there are three colors generally used in the color scheme; the primary color, the color for the trim work and the accent color.

Interior & Exterior Painting, Remodeling & More in Katy, Park Row, Cinco Ranch, Jersey Village & Greater West Side Houston, TX | Harris County, Texas

Also keep in mind that paints have different levels of sheen and can be designed to resist mildew and other such accommodations. When it comes to remodeling on a budget, Araoz Painting & Remodeling has the experience and skills to alter your home with quality and beauty. Call Araoz Painting & Remodeling to get started!

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