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Do I Need Special Paint for Bathroom? Preparation & Painting of Walls & Ceilings in Houston, TX

Whether you are craving a change to your home, or it is in need of tender love and care, there are plenty of projects that will keep you busy. Some of the interior projects are better suited for the cooler months when hours are shorter and the chill in the air makes inside activities more optimal in Houston, Texas. With that in mind, we at Araoz Painting & Remodeling would like to share some tips and advice on tackling bathroom painting projects.

How to Paint a Bathroom

1) Wall & Ceiling Preparation Before Painting. In order for the paint to look clean and smooth, the surface needs some preparations. Start by filling in the holes and blemishes with spackle. After it has dried, sand the area down even and smooth into the wall. The area will then need to be textured to match the existing. Follow up by wiping down the ceiling and walls to remove the cobwebs and dust. Take the trimming, baseboards, and molding off the walls and set them out of the room. Remove all of the towel and toilet paper hangers as well as light switch plates and outlets. Carefully cover the countertops, flooring, and other surfaces with plastic covering and tape up everything else that cannot be easily moved.
2. Choosing Paint Sheen & Colors for Bathroom. Generally, bathrooms are smaller in square footage which is why using light and pale colors is best as it will give the illusion the bathroom is bigger. For those that love darker colors, consider using them for the accent pieces or trim work as well the ceiling if you want to experiment away from traditional white. On top of color, you can select sheen; matte or low sheen, semi gloss or high gloss. High gloss paints is ideal for bathrooms as it will camouflage any imperfections, blend moisture residue as well as has the ability to resist stains. Additionally, you can get paint with additive, such as mildew resistant, which is practical for bathroom applications.
3. Painting Order. While they are removed, and if you chose to paint the mold, trim, and baseboards, get those painted. Take your time and focus on the details for a pristine look. Let them dry after you have finished and move on to the rest of the bathroom. In the event you intend on painting the ceiling, start with that first and follow the walls down. While painting, be sure to maintain a wet edge to avoid choppy lines. To ensure full coverage, be sure to apply a second coat.
4. Let Paint Dry and Cure. Allow the paint to completely dry before using the bathroom. Moisture and wet paint never get along. Using the shower or hot bath will produce humidity and moisture will bead on the walls. To expedite the drying process and to make certain the paint is fully dry, place some portable fans in the bathroom; if the weather outside is optimal and there is a window, open it.
5. Complete the Painting Project. Replace baseboards and trim and remove the tape and plastic coverings following the completion of the paint drying. Additionally, replace the outlet covers and light switch plates.

Bathroom Painting, Remodeling & More in Katy, Park Row, Cinco Ranch, Jersey Village & Greater West Side Houston, TX | Harris County, Texas

An optional step is to replace the shower curtain, floor mats, accessories as well as the fixtures to complete the makeover. If you want a professional touch for your painting and remodeling services, call in the pros of Araoz Painting & Remodeling and let our experts get your bathroom painted professionally. We specialize in bathroom remodeling and can handle every aspect of the project from drywall repair and painting to new cabinet installation, tile flooring and more!

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