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How Does Weather Have an Effect on Painting the Exterior of Your House in Houston, TX?

When you are thinking about having your home painted and upgrading the look of the house a fresh coat of paint will do it. If your paint is starting to chip and crack it is important to have the house painted to protect the siding and other materials. When you make the decision about what color paint that you want to have your home painted there is still more to do. The prep work needs to begin to ensure you have a good surface. When the paint dries the outcome will be a nice clean smooth finish. The painting company that you hire will offer you a quote for the work and a timeline as to when the work will be completed. The timeline when painting the exterior of your home cannot be set in stone. The weather plays an important role in how the paint dries.

Araoz Painting & Remodeling Explains How the Weather Effects the Outcome of Exterior Painting Jobs

Painting Outside in Hot Weather: When you are thinking of the perfect weather to paint your home you might think that a bright sunny day is great. The problem is that a sunny day might be okay but when the sun is directly on the home it can actually heat the house up about 20 degrees. This is too hot of a surface to add a coat of paint to. You want to work on the home early in the morning or even at dusk when the sun is not hitting the house. The heat is going to help the paint dry faster but not in the right order. The paint needs to cure as it dries and that is why when the outer layer dries faster you will end up with a problem. The moisture from the inside layers will stay there and that will cause the paint to bubble and eventually crack. The other problem is that the heat will cause the wood to expand and that closes off cracks and gaps. Then when it cools the gaps open and that will cause the cracks to reappear through the paint.
Can You Paint on a Rainy Day?: Most people are sure to realize that when it is raining you just cannot paint your home. The problem that people don’t realize is that after the rain the moisture is still there. You need to allow the home to dry out for a few days after a rain to ensure there is not moisture building under the paint layer. This will cause large bubbles to appear which will end up breaking.
Painting on a Windy Day: One type of weather that is a big no to paint in is the wind. The reasons seem obvious but still need to be talked about. If you take a wet surface and throw sand on it the sand will stick. The same happens when you paint your home and there is wind. The wind blows and the wet paint holds dirt and other debris. That will leave a rough surface.

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