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Best Floor Tiles for Your Kitchen, Living & Other Rooms in Your Hunters Creek Village, TX Home

When you are deciding to change out the flooring in your home tile is a great option. You may want to have a flooring option that is durable and will stay clean and easy to take care of. Sometimes carpet can be difficult because like other textiles the fibers will soak up the spills. This can lead to stains that are hard to clean. Tile is often easier to take care or and to clean if there is a spill. Tile is a durable option and you always have the option to lay an area rug on the space to add a level of comfort. There are lots of different types of tile that you can choose from including natural stone to man made tile.

Araoz Painting & Remodeling Lists Different Types Of Floor Tile You Can Choose to Have Installed in Your Home

Porcelain Tile: If you are looking for a man made tile option that is extremely uniform then a porcelain tile is right for you. If you know that you have lots of traffic and you are very active in your home this tile is best. The porcelain tile is made with clay and sand that is formed and heated. This is what makes the tile hard and dense and can withstand spills and other debris. The tile will not have divots and other natural edges because it is formed perfectly. You can get a tile that is very uniform in color and shape which makes the installation easier and the end result nice and smooth. The other great benefit of using a porcelain tile is that the tile has the color added to the mixture so you will not see wear spots over time.
Ceramic Tile: This is another very common type of tile that you can have installed in your home. The tile is softer and is not sealed like the porcelain tile is. The ceramic will be softer and that means that you need to be more cautious when you have it installed in your home. You also could save in installation with this option because it is easier to install and is uniform like porcelain tile is. You can also have several options when choosing the right size, shape and color.
Natural Stone Tile: If you want a high end beautiful tile then natural stone is the one for you. Natural stone has many options that would fit any interior. You can get a very standard marble that has great colors and can be cut to fit the area you choose. It is durable and can withstand every day wear and tear. It can also be shined in different levels to fit what look you are going for. Other options for natural stone are slate, granite and travertine to name just a few. You want to ask about what they each offer so that you can choose the right style for you.

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