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Guide to Wall House Paint Sheen Types in Hilshire Village, TX; Eggshell, Satin, Semi Gloss & More

When it comes time to repaint the inside or outside of your home, you will have a number of choices in types of paint. Each type of paint has its own look and purpose and is suited best for certain walls and areas. Araoz Painting & Remodeling will share the different types of paint and where or when they are best used in a home.

Oil Based or Latex Paint

Latex paints are considered a water-based paint that has many advantages. Latex paints are fast drying, durable, have fewer odors than other paints and are easily applied. Once applied on the wall you can use soap and water to clean any mess that gets on the wall. Latex paint can be used anywhere in a home but it is recommended for kitchens, and bathrooms since it is most resistant to moisture and mildew than other paints. Oil based paint is known to be a higher quality of paint. However, it isn’t as durable when it comes to certain elements like latex paints are. Oil based paint has a glossier surface than some other paints, which mean more reflection. This helps brighten up a smaller room or rooms with little light. Oil paint is also easily applied and is durable. Oil based paints do have a stronger odor than paints and may take a day or two before the odor is completely gone. Oil based paint can be used anywhere. However, they particularly make great bedroom paints.

Paint Sheen Guide

Both oil and latex paints have different levels of sheen or gloss. Often when you go looking for paint you will see the different choices of sheen. Depending on the room’s look or even the imperfections found in the room and on the wall, determines which sheen types are best.
Flat paint is considered to have the least amount of sheen or glossiness. Flat paints have no reflective surface. Additionally, flat paint is great for hiding imperfections on the wall and will hide blemishes on the wall as they occur. Flat paint is most frequently used for its clean look and ability to hide imperfections on wall or ceilings. However flat paint can be difficult to clean and is not recommended in high traffic areas.
Satin, or Eggshell paints are known as low luster paints much like a flat paint. Satin has very little gloss or sheen. Satin or eggshell has a certain warmth to it and looks great with lighter, warmer colors. Some even suggest satin adds more depth to the color. Satin is easily cleaned, however satin has a way of altering the color and sometime dries slightly more different than the original color. Satin is a great choice and can be used anywhere inside a home.
Semi-gloss paint is one of the easiest to clean and most durable paint. If a room receives a lot of abuse, such as a child’s play room or living etc., you will want to use semi-gloss. If you choose to use this paint in a kitchen or bathroom, make sure it is 100% acrylic latex paint. These types of paint are the most resistant to moisture. Make sure all imperfections on the wall are repaired before painting. The glossy surface reveals the imperfections more.
Gloss paints have the most sheen or glossy surface than all the other paints. Some may consider it too glossy and a bit overwhelming. However, glossy paints are very durable paints and can be used anywhere in the home. For those who find the gloss to strong, you will find that doors, door frames, molding, baseboards, and the outside of the home can benefit from this paint.

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