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Best Neutral Interior Painting Colors & Paint Touch Up Tips for Selling a House in Cinco Ranch, TX

Are you getting ready to sell your home? First impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home. To get a buyer fast and without a lot of hassle, it’s important to make sure the décor is up-to-date. Paint is an easy way to make this happen. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, it takes work to stage it in a way that will bring in the most buyers. This can be stressful. Come up with a to-list to make things go a little smoother and hire a professional painting company to do the painting for you. We can provide professional paint color consultations to paint the interior and the exterior of your home

Painting Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell

Do a Walk Through. There’s only so much time and money available when you’re getting your house ready to sell. Before you get ready to dive in to start staging the home and thinking about the colors you’ll want to paint the walls, talk with a realtor. Realtors are the best way to figure out what buyers are currently looking for and great when it comes to interior design tips over what you may have seen on the latest home improvement shows.
Makeover the Kitchen– Kitchens have a lot to so with selling a house. The fact is kitchens sell houses and there are few buyers that want to remodel a kitchen as soon as they buy the house. If the cabinets are in good shape you can paint them, switch out the dated hardware with more modern ones and de-clutter the counters. Add some flowers, bake a batch of cookies and you’re ready to welcome potential buyers.
Choose Neutral Paint Colors– To make sure your personality isn’t all over the home it’s best to go with neutral colors. This lets potential buyers see themselves in your home. The square footage in your home will be enhanced when you go with a well-chosen paint color and will give your home a modern, put-together vibe that buyers want to see. You probably won’t need to paint all the surfaces but put some time and energy into the rooms that are used most, like the kitchen and bathrooms. After that you can work on the rooms that have paint colors that may be a little too unique for most buyers.
Paint Touch Ups– Potential buyers don’t want to walk through your home and see scuff marks everywhere. Take some time to touch these spots up repair any damage to the homes paint and trim. Make an appointment to have the exterior of the home pressure washed and think about painting the front door a bright new color to make a great first impression.

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