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Tips for Painting & Decorating an Interior Wall with Black Paint in Piney Point Village, TX

Painting the interior of any home first comes with the color scheme selection. Generally, most people practice the safe and traditional colors; keeping everything light to emphasize space. But for those who crave black, they often quash the urge and follow the masses and advice of specialists. Where the lighter hues do help a room look magnified, black, when used correctly can offer a stunning result that suggests sophistication and class. For those who want to paint the inside of their homes by incorporating black into the color scheme, we at Araoz Painting and Remodeling would like to offer suggestions on how you can do it without any harsh or unsightly effects.

Black Accent Wall & Other Decorating Ideas

Black is the darkest of colors, too much will likely look awful, but correctly implemented in a color scheme will give you that unique glamour you are looking for. Black can be used in any capacity with the right color scheme; accent color, trim color, and even the primary color. But to balance it out, it needs contrast; whites, creams, grays, or pale colors in their variety is remarkable. Consider the following when implementing black with your interior painting project:
1) Exceptions to the rule: Dark colors, according to experts, will immediately make a room, especially a small space, feel small and enclosed, which is why people tend to play it safe and avoid dark colors or use them minimally. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Instead of shying away from black in the hallway or bathroom, use it, but ensure there is a balance of contrasting colors to make it look amazing.
2) Accent focal point: Black can be used in a number of ways with your color scheme and is easily matched with any color. Use black to make a bold statement with an accent wall, the focal point, or simply the trim, be creative when harmonizing the black and keep in mind the focal points.
3) Natural Light: Because black absorbs light, a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light will make it feel more enclosed. A better use for it is in a room that is flooded with natural light, to avoid feeling boxed in but providing a remarkable end result.
4) Contrast: Contrast is the primary ingredient when working with black for your interior painting scheme. Where white is always sensational, natural wood is also striking with black. Whenever black is used, it has a tendency to make the details pop out, keep that in mind with your strategy.
5) Paint sheen. The sheen for your black is equally important, don’t forget what the sheen is with the other colors implemented, but keep in mind the disadvantages and benefits of the different sheens. For example, high-gloss paint has a stunning liquid finish but requires extensive prep work. On the other hand, flat paint is not known for its durability and does not reflect any light but is easy to work with and simple when touchups are needed.
6) Balance with accessories: Dark colors, particularly black requires contrast as we continue remind you, without a balance, a room is enveloped in a monochromatic nighttime. You can enhance the contrast with the accessories as well and vanilla, creams, and other such whites tend to be the natural choice.

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When it comes time for your interior painting project to begin, call in the professionals of Araoz Painting & Remodeling, our specialists can help you ensure the black is optimally used with precision and quality for your end result.

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