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Where to Start Tiling Floors; How to Lay Bathroom & Other Floor Tile in Cinco Ranch, TX

Tile floors are beautiful and can completely change the way your floors look. Are you looking to do it yourself? You may be amped up to get the job started but you need to go over some things before you start to avoid problems. Do some research before you start ripping up your existing floor. It’s always better to be as educated as you can be about the task at hand then guess after you’ve started.

How to Install Flooring Tile

Accurately measure and purchase extra tiles. When you tile floors, you will be cutting tiles as you go so you will need some extras. You don’t want to go back to the store for more and find they don’t have any left. This will leave your project unfinished or a finished project with different tiles.
Gather all the tools you’ll need for the job. Just ask for advice so you don’t buy items that you won’t need
Always use spacers. If you try and do it without them, you will have a floor that looks messy instead of neat.
Match tile to purpose of room you are tiling. If it’s a bathroom, then make sure the tile isn’t going to be slippery when it gets wet.
Start in the middle of the room you are tiling. And work outward to get the best-looking results

How Not to Lay Flooring Tile

DON’T walk on tile while adhesive is drying. If you do, you will find yourself starting all over again!
Only use a high gloss or sealant where appropriate. DON’T use a high gloss finish or a sealant on the tiles in an area where the floors will be getting wet. This will make them slippery and you could slip and fall.
DON’T buy the first tiles you think you like. Take your time and take some samples home to really get an idea about the way they will look. The tile will look different in your home than it does in the store.
DON’T rush to pull up linoleum flooring. You may be able to lay the tile directly in top of it.
DON’T ignore any water damage or mold that you have on the floor. You will only make the problem worse by laying tile on top of these problems and create more work in the future, not to mention more money!

Other Considerations when Laying Floor Tile

Make sure you wear the right clothes to lay tile. Knee pads are a great investment and your knees will thank you. Tile adhesive and grout can take a toll on your hands so wear gloves.
Mistakes are bound to happen with DIY tile installation. Finally, don’t think for a second that the job will go perfectly. There will be mistakes that only you will know about.
Tile floor installation takes time. Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to get the job done so you’re not rushing.

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