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Is Painting or Staining Interior Fireplace or Exterior Brick a Good Idea in Jersey Village, TX?

Updating the look of your home can be scary for some people. The home, especially that was original to a time period, can be harder than most to make changes that are drastic. There are several aspects to your home that can be changed with a fresh coat of paint. The walls are the most common way to make a change and there are many ideas on how to increase the look and feel of the room. You can also paint cabinets, floors and trim work as well. The other option that you have is to paint any brick work that is in your home. That seems to be a scary change for some people. Whether there is brick outdoors or there is brick in the house you can paint it. It is not as taboo as you think and painted brick is a great aspect of décor that can make a huge change to the house or the room that it is in. You want to know what some of your options are though to help prevent you regretting your decision.

Araoz Painting & Remodeling Lists Ways You Can Paint the Brick Work in Your Home

Exterior Interior Brick Paint Color Ideas: If you have brick used on the outside of your house you may want to make a change. The red brick is great but sometimes it can be limiting when you choose to make a change to the rest of the home. The brick can be painted to make for a great base for the rest of the home. The same is true when you have brick in your home. The red color is enough to steer you clear of many colors that you might otherwise want to try out. You can use a neutral color to have the brick painted so that it acts as a base for the other areas of the home whether it is trim work or other materials that were used to build the home.
Painting Brick a Subtle Color; Whitewashing: If you have brick work that you want to change on the home either inside or out of the house but don’t want to cover it all the way there is another choice. You can use a whitewash to cover the brick and take away the harshness of the original brick color by toning it down. It can give a more rustic look to the house and usually leaves a white or grey layer on the brick with the color still peeking through.
Painted Bright White Brick: You can also go for a bright super white paint color that leaves all the grooves that add great texture but the color is a great bright white. The bright white is a way to make the area look larger and the brick to become a backdrop for other décor that you want to use.

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