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Painting Tips; How to Touch Up Wall Paint Without Leaving Darker, Shiny Brush Marks in Park Row, TX

If your home is like most, then there are times that a toy smacks the wall and leaves a ding in the paint. You might be moving your furniture only to find that the paint has chipped behind the couch. Maybe there was some water damage from a broken pipe and drywall was replaced. Whatever the reason, when you have damage to the paint on your walls but you are not ready to repaint the whole room, paint touch up is the way to go. Touch up seems fairly straight forward but there is a lot that goes into it. You don’t want to grab the cant of paint and run it across an area only to watch is slowly dry to a color that does not match at all! That is why it is important to know the best techniques when it comes to touching up the paint in your home.

Araoz Painting & Remodeling Offers Tips on Touching Up the Paint On Your Walls

The Touch Up Paint Matters: When you have your home painted usually the brand and type of paint is picked specifically based on your needs. When you notice a spot that needs to be touched up it is extremely important to use the same type of paint. The color of the paint is really only one aspect. The brand that was originally used should be used again. Each and every brand has a series of colors that may look and sound like the same colors but they are not. Each of them are mixed just differently enough that the outcome will not dry the same way. The other aspect is that the finish is important to get right as well. The paint finish means there is either matte, gloss, semi- gloss or eggshell to name several. If you use eggshell but the wall was originally painted with a semi-gloss finish the outcome will not match. That is why you need to use just the right type paint when you need to do some of the touch up painting in your house.
What Does it Mean to Box Paint?: This does not mean you take all your extra and left over paint and put them in a box. The purpose is to ensure that the color matches when you use the paint that you keep as extra. Some people buy enough paint to save it so that when touch up is needed they can go out to the garage and grab the paint that does match. The problem is that from one can to another, even from the same store, can have a very slight difference. When you box your paint you take all the left over smaller amounts of paint that you purchased and mix them all together. It is best to do this before you start your painting from the start. The small cans can all be mixed in a five gallon bucket that way there is no difference in color when it has dried. Then when you need to do touch up you are ready to go.

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