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Affordable Home Improvement Alterations & Upgrades in Katy, TX; New Paint, Tile Floors & More

Homeowners often desire change inside their homes as time passes. Where some prefer to do a whole home remodel, the budgeting aspect can stop the project dead in its tracks. Fortunately, there are alternatives to give your home a whole new look on a limited budget that will still look amazing, customized, and unique according to your own tastes that won’t break the bank account. With that in mind, below you will find a few suggestions we at Araoz Painting and Construction have compiled to help you in your efforts.

Affordable Home Improvement Upgrades & Ideas

1) Fixtures and Hardware: Fixtures and hardware can range in cost, depending on quality and intricacy of the detail involved, but still affordable if you take the time to research the right sales. Upgrading the hardware of drawers and cabinetry and replacing light and/or plumbing fixtures can create a whole new look on its own. Other such examples include light switch plates and plug outlet covers, towel racks, and other such little details that have the potential to make a big impact on the room’s décor.
If you opt to replace the fixtures, consider the green options to help reduce the energy costs. Faucets, toilets, lights, even light bulbs can reduce the cost of use and in the long run, save you money on the utilities.
2) Tile Floors: Depending on the type of stone, manmade or natural stone, tiles you get, dictates the cost. The finer the materials are the more pricy tile can be, but there many affordable options that are just as beautiful and elegant. Ensure they are durable for the places you have in mind such bathrooms, floors, countertops, and so on. Again, research your favorites; sales can make the more expensive options affordable if that is your preference.
3) Grout and Caulk: Taking the minute details significantly impact the overall look. If the finances are not in place, consider replacing the grout and caulk instead of the entire floor. Grout is especially porous, and over time, it absorbs moisture, dirt, mildew, and even mold. As the debris accumulates, the dingier the caulk and grout look, and the color shift. Grout and caulk are not at all pricey and you can replace it with a variety of colors that can change the dynamics of the room.
4) Paint: Paint is another low-cost option and very effective at changing the style of a room. With so many color options, you can change the look of a room with little effort. Keep in mind that generally, there are 3 colors harmonized together for the color scheme; the primary color, the color for the trim work, and a color for the accent wall. Do not neglect the color of the established furnishings, flooring, and accessories unless you intend to change them as well. Light colors can always make a room appear larger, and bold colors can make statement. Check out the different trends and decide which works for you. Paint is one of the most frequent changes in a home so you do not feel like you are stuck with a color for life, experiment, start small and see what you can do with the possibilities. In addition to colors, the sheen of paint plays a role in the look and there are also features in the different kinds of paint and sheen that can help according to the room’s use.

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When looking to upgrade your home, no matter how big or small the project, call in the experts of Araoz Painting & Remodeling and our team of specialists can help you along the way to ensure your projects has maximum results.

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