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Signs You Need New Windows in Bellaire, TX; Should You Replace Entire Window or Just Glass?

Materials used to construct homes eventually decay, though it is a slow course unless expedited through neglect or damage. More often than not, windows do not cross anyone’s mind unless they break beyond all recognition. But some may wonder whether or not they should repair the windows or if they are better off replacing them. With that in mind, we at Araoz Painting and Remodeling would like to discuss window repair versus replacement.

Signs You Need New Windows

There are quite a few avenues to pursue in an effort to make your home more energy efficient, and your windows are included. If you are looking to further improve your home’s energy efficiency, then you will want to replace the windows with energy efficient windows. In addition to improving the efficiency, if any of the below indications apply to your windows, consider getting them replaced.
1) Broken Window Panes: With quite a few scenarios contributing to the cause, a broken window pane is fairly common; a few examples include using the wrong cleaners, kids playing sporting games too close, or even weather conditions. The window pane damage is often cracks, chips, or scratches.
2) Damaged Window Seals: Fogged windows, excessive buildup of condensation, or streaks between double or triple panes are an indication the seals are damages. As the seals expand and contract due to warm temperatures, the seal sustains damage. More often than not, replacing the sash is enough, but the pane could also need replacing as well.
3) Drafty Windows: Air passing through gaps in the dividers, sashes or frames caused the windows to be drafty. Additionally, deteriorated weather stripping, depleting caulk, loose sash or rotting wood could also be the source. Evaluate the issues; new weather stripping may be enough to rectify the problem or an application of caulk. If the damage is excessive, consider replacing the windows.
4) Rickety Windows: Rickety windows can create a lot of problems, starting with poor performance to simply open and close them. Frequently the dirt and debris that manages to get caught in the track is the culprit, other suspects include the sashes being sealed over with paint, or brittle hardware. Try replacing the hardware, or repair the window by cautiously cutting the seam of the paint or a good cleaning of the dirt build in the tracks. If you are not equipped for this task, call in a professional.
5) Rotting Window Frames: Rotten looking window frames along with the sashes and/or muntins (divider panels) are allowing dirt, or air flow in or out, it is in your better interest to replacement the frame. Generally, if air can travel through then moisture can as well. Wood naturally decays, under humid conditions, over dry, hot air, a terrible paint job, and even a sprinkler that constantly pounds the frame contributes to the deterioration.
6) Broken Glass. Glass cannot be repaired and if it is damaged, it will need replacing.

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Professionals can make quick work out of handling the repairs or replacements your windows are facing. Call in the experts of Araoz Painting and Remodeling and our specialists will assess the windows and relate the most optimal solution for your windows.

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