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How to Choose Tile Floors for a Bathroom, Kitchen or Other Interior Area in Piney Point Village, TX

Your home is a place that is constantly changing and being upgraded. Part of the reason for that is because of modern advancements as well as changes in taste and style. The house might be the perfect place with all the best but over time these things be worn out and out of date. That is why there are times in your life that people start making changes and modernize your homes look and feel. The interesting thing about updating your house is you can do it pieces and parts at a time. One area you can take time to update are the floors in your home. Many people are choosing to go with tile through the house as a way to increase the ease of cleaning as well as have nice clean lines. Tile floors are a great option not just for your bathroom or kitchen but for the rest of your home as well. When you are choosing tile for your home you need to consider several options.

Araoz Painting & Remodeling Offers Tips On Choosing Tile For Your Home

How Hard is the Tile: One thing that is important to consider is the hardness of the tile before it has been laid. The tile is something you want to be able to have installed in your home and have it last. That means that choosing the right tile is paramount. There is a scale that is used to measure how hard a particular type of tile is. The Moh’s scale is something that gives a class to certain types of tile which you can use depending on the amount of traffic you will have in your home. The classes can range from one to ten so knowing what each is able to withstand is important. The higher the number, the harder the flooring is. Level one is only good to use on walls or surfaces that will not have any foot traffic at all. A level five is enough to put in a home that has a standard amount of traffic because it has some softness. A level ten is great for floors that are being used a lot as in commercial spaces.
Is the Tile Porous: You also need to be sure that you look into the amount of pores that are in the tile itself. The reason is because if you are dealing with spills the more porous the tile is, the higher the likelihood will be that it will stain. If you are choosing tile for a bathroom you want less pores so that the moisture in the room will not be trapped in the tile. When you meet with the company who will be installing the tile you want to ask about what tile is best in particular rooms in the house.

Tile Installation & More in Katy, Park Row, Cinco Ranch, Jersey Village & Greater West Side Houston, TX | Harris County, Texas

There are also types of manmade tile as well as stone floors that you can choose from that has a ton of options in colors and textures as well. Araoz Painting & Remodeling offers expert tile installation and other home improvement services.

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